JULY, 2017

Winery Drones Address New Challenges For Wine Makers

Wine making is a nuanced business, and today things are changing for grape growers all over the world. In addition to an economic landscape that isn’t as favorable as could be hoped for, the climate has begun to present challenges that were unheard of even a few years ago in many areas. At the same time, technology has advanced rapidly, and today drones (UAVs) offer wineries new ways of creating operational efficiencies. In addition to the incredible imaging capabilities that drones offer grape farmers, they can be integrated into advanced measurement systems that help vineyards operate at optimum levels. Here at MetroUAV, we know how to make UAVs work for just about any kind of farm out there. UAVs in agriculture and not any different than drones used in the wine industry. We can offer your winery best in class service and an innovative attitude. If you have been thinking about how to use drones in your operation, here are some reasons why other professional wine growers have chosen to use drones. Let’s take a look at UAVs used in vineyards.

Winery Drones in the commercial industry
Winery Drones in the commercial industry

A New Environment

Winery Drones allow wine makers an unprecedented level of monitoring ability, and also give them an inexpensive way to keep an eye on problem areas on a daily basis if needed. Because temperatures are rising in some wine producing regions, and water is becoming an important consideration, many wine makers need to optimize the use of their resources. In addition to the challenges that a sometimes challenging environment creates for the production of wine grapes, the evolving growing conditions may prevent growers from achieving optimum quality. UAVs can help wine producers monitor plant conditions to the degree that was never possible before, and make sure they are doing everything in their power to craft the best grapes.
Winery Drones in the commercial industry

A Lot On The Line

The wine industry in the United States creates hundreds of billions of dollars of revenue. Winery drones create ways for wine growers to safeguard their income, and continue to provide some of the best wine in the world. While Michigan is blessed with abundant water, this isn’t the case for many of the traditional growing regions in California. In many cases, the most valuable growing regions are vulnerable to shocks to both temperature and water availability. UAVs are a stand-alone technology, but they can also be used in concert with other forms of advanced sensing equipment. Many wine growers in the United States are turning to advanced measuring equipment to optimize their use of resources, and fine-tune growing conditions in their fields.
Winery Drones in the commercial industry


Verizon has been a leader in cellular communications, but in California, they are working with wine growers to create advanced atmospheric metering equipment for the challenging conditions that are emerging in the region. While the ground based sensors that Verizon integrated into their system are invaluable for measuring humidity, drones provide a view of the foliage that will determine how much light is penetrating the canopy.

Also, the being able to use visible light photography to analyze the vines, uavs can easily be fitted with hyperspectral cameras that reveal many useful things. When combined with the data from the ground based sensing equipment, a new level of information is made available to wine growers. This picture will help them to optimize their use of the land, and give their vines the care they need.

Winery Drones in the commercial industry

Unique Capabilities

Labor is also creating challenges for commercial farmers, and winery drones can do tasks that would have been expensive to accomplish with a field worker. There are no two ways about it, many of the jobs that make great wine happen are hard to do. Great vineyards are looking for the means to get more from their employees so that they can adapt to challenges that they didn’t face a decade ago.

Winery Drones can make inspections easy, and expensive labor can be used for more important things. Because UAVs can easily navigate steep terrain, or move rapidly over large areas, making visual inspections has never been easier. With UAVs in your vineyard, large cost savings can be realized.

MetroUAV Grows With Michigan

Here at MetroUAV, we know what it takes to get results for our agricultural clients. Every agricultural business is going to have different needs, and we want to engage our customers to provide them with the right service profile for their market. We don’t juse provide aerial photography and video. If you have been wondering about how drones can create benefits for your vineyard, please give us a call at (586) 232-5384. We also have a wealth of information on our blog and can be reached via our contact page as well.

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