MetroUAV Brings Drone Services To Michigan

JUNE, 2017

Michigan Aerial Photography

Aerial drone photography is becoming more commonplace in the lives of professionals everywhere. Because the cost of drone technology has dropped significantly over the last decade, today people can take advantage of drone-based imaging capabilities at price levels that were previously impossible. 

Here at MetroUAV, our goal is simple; be the best in Michigan aerial photography and give our clients access to all that drones have to offer with the best aerial photography prices in Michigan. We specialize in drone-based inspections and imaging, and we are here to serve Michigan, or anywhere our dedication to creating value will be of benefit. We want to be the company you think of when you hear Michigan Aerial Photography! We started in traditional photographer and have become a drone photographer over time. 

Michigan Drone Photography
Drones Today In Michigan

Michigan has a diverse economy. MetroUAV is here to offer exceptional value for businesses in our community. Drones have applications across a broad spectrum of industries and can make jobs easy that would be difficult or dangerous otherwise. Because drones are small and highly maneuverable, they can be deployed into environments that are challenging for a human to reach. 

Aerial survey technology has always been expensive, but drones make some imaging applications much more affordable MetroUAV offers the best Michigan aerial photography pricing. While the cost of the hardware has come down significantly, a skills gap has opened up. Drones need to be operated by a trained professional, and with such a new industry there simply aren’t many qualified operators. 

 The regulatory environment is also changing, so having someone who is well versed in the legalities of drone flight is a must. MetroUAV is here to help, and get your company set up with the right drone services and the best aerial photography prices today. 

Michigan Aerial Photography - Agriculture Photography
Michigan Aerial Photography

A Local Resource

We founded MetroUAV to provide best-in-class drone photography services for our local community. With a background in aerial imagery, we recognized early the incredible potential that affordable drone technology creates. We offer a range of imaging options for your company, and we are glad to work with your team to find the right data gathering solutions for you.

 The areas we work in vary with our client’s needs, but if your company contracts visual inspections or 3D modeling, we may be able to offer you a very useful service. Unmanned drones are not expensive to own and operate when compared to other forms of aviation equipment. This makes drones a smart option to consider, especially if your business hasn’t explored all the capabilities they have. 

Where Michigan Aerial Photography Works 

Here at MetroUAV, we open up the possibilities that drone imaging and data gathering can offer your business. There are countless ways in which drones can work for industry and agriculture. We work to be the best in Michigan drone photography. If you are wondering how we use drones to make commerce a lot easier, here are some of the most common things drones can be employed to do. 
Verellen Orchards, Washington Michigan
Michigan Aerial Photography

Michigan Crop Inspections

Until a few years ago, contracting aerial imaging for commercial agriculture was an expensive proposition. If you wanted to get a birds-eye view of your crops, it meant hiring a manned aircraft and paying for photography to be done. The results were never delivered in real time, and contracting non-visible light photography could be a hassle.  

Drones have changed the market dynamic for agricultural inspection. Today they can offer your farm a new tool to prevent expensive crop losses, and optimize your field’s growing conditions. Drone inspection isn’t time-consuming to do, and they will give you just about any view you can think of. Our drones are outfitted with special cameras that can detect many kinds of common crop problems, so you can make sure there isn’t fungus growing unnoticed in your crops.

 Doing walk-through inspections on a 500-acre farm is next to impossible, but here at MetroUAV, we have a simple solution for you. We can do overall inspections one day, and if you need to look at any areas that look suspicious, we can come back to do detailed inspections in as short a time as you like. Catching a blight in time will save you thousands of dollars, and we can make it easy to do. MetroUAV is the best solution for Michigan Aerial Photography and offers the best aerial photography prices. 

Drones In Industrial Applications 

Most industrial complexes are purpose built for functionality, not easy navigation by a human body. Our drones can fit into just about space a person could, and many that would simply be impossible. When you contract us to inspect your facilities, you won’t have to worry about putting anyone in harm’s way, or any of the liabilities that go along with dangerous jobs.

With the rise of alternative forms of energy like windmills and solar panels, the need for detailed inspections has grown. Inspecting wind farms can be hazardous work, but our drones make it a breeze. Solar power plants are relatively safe facilities, but they tend to have a large footprint. Instead of sending people out in a vehicle, drones can zip to wherever they are needed. 

Thermal imaging is another way drones can create value for your business, and inspecting areas that may be subject to stress failure with enhanced imaging technology can save a lot of money down the road. Pipeline and power plant inspections are routinely carried out using drones with hybrid imaging technology, as they offer a unique advantage. 

Michigan Real Estate Can Benefit From Drones

Drones bring a range of photographic options to real estate agents, and they can make your property listings stand out. Real Estate drone photography offers your clients spectacular aerial shots; we can make great fly throughs to showcase houses in a new way that is sure to attract attention. If your clients want to get a better view of hard to reach areas of the home, we can make it happen. There is no need for you or your clients to be on-site, as we can do the inspections based on your specs, and deliver them online. At MetroUAV we are using drones for photography and using that skill and technology to implement them in the Real Estate field. 

Real Estate Drone Photography
Mining Drone Photography

Drones In Mining Make Sense

Mines are perennially dangerous places, and there is no need for anyone to risk life and limb to inspect them. No matter what kind of inspections you need to be done at a mine site, we can offer you the best prices in drone photography. Drones can make mine planning a lot easier, and your company won’t have to put any workers in danger. Aggregators can take advantage of drones to keep track of work in the pit, and at a much lower cost than other forms of photography. 

Airborne Surveying With Drones

In addition to being able to create photographs in a range of light spectrums, drones can use scanning tools to make 3D models. This is an invaluable tool for many different industries, such as mining or commercial construction. Instead of using traditional surveying to estimate the volume of strip-mined ore, drones can make this work go a lot faster. The same thing is true for mapping out a construction site, and the 3D model will be ready to share with anyone online. 

There simply isn’t a technology that can compare with drones when it comes to their aerial photography ability, and we are the best in Michigan aerial photography and are happy to show you how much time and money they can save. While these are some examples of uses for drone-based 3D modeling, the scanning tools will work with any solid object, so don’t be shy to talk to us about your ideas!

Easy Access

Once our drones have created the data you need, one of the biggest advantages they offer comes into play. Because all the sensing equipment drones use is digital, once the data is created, it can be shared with anyone on the planet via advanced drone-specific SaaS platforms. The ways this feature could be used are limitless, but if you need to have easy access to data, or need to share information with partners or investors, it is a perfect fit. 
MetroUAV Solar Array Drone Inspections
MetroUAV Windmill Drone Inspections

Drones Are Making A Big Difference 

When it comes to showing the ways that drones create economic advantages, it’s hard to know where to begin. Drones have been in use commercially for less than a decade, and during that time the advancements in both technology and price are amazing. Farmers are now able to perform inspections with a frequency and level of detail that just didn’t exist before drones became commonplace. Add to that the ease of sharing and access to the information, and it is easy to see why agriculture is only starting to realize the advancements in efficiency that drones allow. 

The same is true in heavy industry, with pipelines providing an excellent example. Drones can do inspection work in a day that would take human crews months, and with the integration of advanced imaging systems, it is impossible to compare them to any other technology. Being able to spot a stress fracture before a leak develops is a huge advantage, and it is all possible because of drones. 

 A big driver of drone technologies is the innovative spirit that any breakthrough allows, and here at MetroUAV we are excited to hear from you, and help to develop any ideas you may have. We know drones, but we may not know just what they can do for you. We are the best in Michigan aerial photography. 

MetroUAV Is Your Partner In Michigan

We are the best in Michigan Aerial Photography

The bottom line here at MetroUAV is value, and that is what we create for anyone we work with. If you work in Michigan and want to know more about all the advantages that drones offer, give us a call at (586) 232-5384 to talk about what we can do for your business or you can email us here. We are a local company that works to make drones work for our community, and we are ready to work with you. We are the best in Michigan drone photography

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