Golf Course Drones


JULY, 2017


Drones Give Golf Courses New Potential

Today golf courses everywhere face challenges that make operational efficiency more important than ever. The economic situation that has developed over the last decade has created a shrinking market for golf course operators, and made maintaining a competitive edge is a big part of any successful operation.

Over the same period drones have come into their own as a viable commercial technology, and here at MetroUAV, we bring all the advantages that drones offer to Michigan. If you operate a golf course, we would love to show you what our drones can do for your business. We want to give you that golf course aerial view!

There are many ways that drones can help any golf course to be as profitable as possible. They can also be invaluable for marketing your course to an increasingly competitive marketplace and offer imaging capabilities that simply weren’t economic a short time ago. We offer a full line of golf course flyover services such as golf course videos, golf course mapping, and golf course photography.


Golf course drones image capabilities bring golf course maintenance value. If you need to keep a close eye on how your grass is reacting to higher temperatures, the view that drones give you will be a huge help. Drones can be used on a daily basis to give you a feel for how your course is adapting to environmental conditions so that avoiding damage is easy.

We can use a combination of visible light photography and hyperspectral imaging to allow a view of your course’s vegetation that would have been nearly impossible a few years ago. Because golf courses need to run efficiently as possible, enlisting the help of drones to do inspections makes good sense.

Catching a problem early will save loads of money down the road, and there isn’t any other way to match a drone’s capability. In addition to creating valuable visual data, we will upload all the images to an online service that will allow you to access the data from anywhere. This lets you manage your golf course remotely, and never miss a potential problem in its early stages.


Drones also offer your course a new way to promote itself, with stunning aerial views that would have cost a fortune to create with manned aircraft. There is no substitute for a video that shows off all the great contours that your course features, and we can produce just about any shot you can imagine.

Your potential customers are on their smartphones almost all the time, so having engaging video content for them to see is a brilliant idea. No matter what kind, of course, you have to offer, we can help you make it look incredible.


When it comes to creating accurate 3D terrain maps, there simply isn’t another technology that can compete with golf course drones. Advanced sensing equipment is simple to install on most drones, and coupled with GPS sensors, mapping out your golf course has never been easier. If potential golfers want to have a realistic view of your course before they play on it, drones will create accurate elevation maps that fit the bill.

These maps can also be “skinned” with photorealistic views of your course, so anyone can see what your course offers online. It is hard to imagine a better sales tool than interactive 3D terrain maps, and drones make producing them a breeze.


When it comes to designing or renovating a golf course drones are changing the way people approach their work. Because drones can do surveying work that would have taken months in a few weeks, the costs involved with site planning have dropped significantly. They are also easy to use on a more frequent basis, so a lot of the guesswork can be taken out of the development process.

Small changes in grade and elevation can have major effects when it comes to gameplay and irrigation on your course, and drones can deliver a level of topographical detail that would have been extremely expensive to achieve with typical surveying techniques.

We are here to connect with your planning team at any stage in the design process and can offer your group significant advantages regarding cost and efficiency with golf course drones. We are glad to talk with you about the kinds of models that can be created from drone based sensing equipment, and how they interface with existing design procedures.

Bruce Hills Golf Course, Bruce Township Michigan - Golf Course Drones


Here at MetroUAV, we know how to make drones work for businesses in Michigan. We are a local company that is here to work in our community, so if you have any questions about what we can do for you, please let us know. We can be reached at (586) 232-5384, and there is also a wealth of information on our website. Please check out our other articles on our blog. When you need to get the most from your operational budget, let drones help! Contact us today!

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