Drone Photography in Fruit Farms and Orchards


May, 2017

Drones In The Orchard: A New Way To See:

Drone Photography in Fruit Farms and Orchards

Today drone technology is rapidly advancing, and fruit farmers are beginning to be beneficiaries of this new technology. If you are in charge of a commercial orchard, then you know how hard it can be to catch a problem early, or how much damage one can do if it isn’t found in time. In addition to disease prevention, drones can give you many capabilities that would be next to impossible otherwise.

While just a few years ago drones were not an option for civilian use, today they are far more affordable, and the features they have just keep multiplying. Agricultural drone development is still in its infancy, but there are some valuable things that they can offer you today. From doing routine visual inspections to using advanced cameras to see outside of the normal visible spectrum, Drone Photography in fruit farms and orchards can make taking care of your orchard a lot easier.

MetroUAV Drone Photography for Agriculture

A New View of The Orchard

The way that drones fly is truly unique, and this ability gives fruit farmers new tools to keep track of the growing conditions in their orchard. Although orchards can be much smaller than other types of commercial farms, they present their challenges when it comes to keeping a close eye on growing conditions. Because a drone’s movement isn’t limited, it can get in, around and over your fruit trees, so that any potential problems are easy to spot.

“Drones can also help to evaluate the canopy density in a new way.”

If you want to get an overhead view of your canopy, a drone can rise to a few hundred feet above the ground in a few seconds. When you see a potential trouble spot, the drone can fly down into any area you like, and give you a macro view of what is happening. There isn’t another technology out there that offers you this kind of ability, especially when you consider the low cost of using drones for inspections.

Drones Make Managing Orchards Easier

Drone Photography in Fruit Farms and Orchards have the incredible capability when it comes to movement, drones allow you to inspect your trees using non-visible light spectrums. This data is then processed into easy to use maps of your orchard and can be viewed online at your convenience. You no longer have to spend hours hiking around the orchard. Instead, you can use drones to capture the trees from any angle you like, and follow-up on the data with more accurate inspections if you need to. The level of accuracy that drones provide is incredible, as is their ability to cut days of work from your busy schedule.

Creating Advantages

There are many problems that can plague fruit orchards. A fungus like an apple scab can show explosive growth once established, so catching it early is important. Today drones can be outfitted with cameras that photograph an apple orchard in multiple light spectrums at the same time and use that data to create images that can spot apple scab early. This will allow the farmer to begin spraying when and where it is necessary, and not lose more apples than is necessary.

Drones can also help to evaluate the canopy density in a new way. Fruit farmers need to be able to assess the amount of leaf in their trees, but getting an overhead view can be tricky. Now all you have to do is contact MetroUAV to map out your trees, and have that data compiled into a picture of the entire orchard. You can review the leaf density quickly from your computer, and have a good idea of what needs to be thinned out.

The Required Expertise

Drone Photography in Fruit Farms and Orchards offer farmers many advantages, but they are not a turn-key solution. Learning to fly drones isn’t easy, and the drones that can best help commercial farmers are neither cheap nor simple to operate. If you want to realize all the advantages that a drone photography can offer you, contacting MetroUAV is a good way to begin using drones in your orchard.

In addition to having the right drones for the job on-hand, MetroUAV will know the best ways to accomplish the tasks that will create value in your operation. Trial-and-error can be a time consuming and costly process when it comes to agricultural drones, so getting a professional involved is a wise move.

How We Can Help 

Here at MetroAUV, we specialize in a drone-based agricultural inspection. We work with some of the best equipment on the market today, and offer comprehensive inspection solutions for your orchards.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you to save time, and prevent costly outbreaks of disease, give us a call at 586-232-5384. We can also be reached at our contact page and are happy to review your operations, so we can put together a plan that will work for you.

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