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JUNE, 2017

Cash Crop Drones Create Advantages For Commercial Farms

Commercial agriculture is evolving to be an almost entirely automated process, and cash crop drones are a big part of what makes next generation quality control possible. Farms are getting bigger all the time, with fewer people looking after larger areas than ever before. Drones can bridge the gap between farmers and their crops, and allow people to view the world in ways that were never possible before.

Here at MetroUAV, we know the difference that drones can make for your farm. We specialize in drone-based imaging and delivering best-in-class service to Michigan. If you want to know more about how drones are changing the way farms are run, have a look at how they can save you time, and make your farm efficient in ways that were never possible before.

Westview Orchards Sunset Washington Michigan

Rapid Development

Drones have developed at a time when digital imaging technology is hitting its stride as a mature technology, and this has created synergies that offer farmers some incredible capabilities. In addition to being able to do the work of a manned aircraft, drones can deliver real-time images to your smartphone.

From a practical perspective, this means an unprecedented ability to see what is happening to all of your fields whenever you want, so that any problems are caught before they do any damage to your bottom line. Having the ability to use photo editing programs to analyze the images that drones create is a huge advantage, and will allow you to get views that simply weren’t possible a decade ago.

Friskes Farm Charlevoix Michigan
Friskes Farm Charlevoix Michigan

Advanced Imaging

Before drones were widely available, aerial imaging simply wasn’t viable for most farms. The costs involved for hiring manned aircraft were significant, and the imaging technology was archaic by comparison.

Advanced digital cameras can offer you an incredible perspective of your fields, and will allow you to detect any problems that may be developing. Non-visible light imaging will give you a view of your crops that was prohibitively expensive a decade ago, and spotting stress in your fields has never been easier.

From problems with you irrigation system to potential fungus outbreaks, drones give you the ability to create in-depth images of your crops and review them whenever you want from the comfort of your home.

Creating Value

When you compare the cost of using drones with the potential they have to save your cops from large-scale damage, there is no reason to put off introducing them into your workflow. Here at MetroUAV, we can work around just about any schedule, so that you can realize increased production rates.

Any farmer will know the kind of damage a fungal infection can do to their crops, but now it is simple to prevent small problems from growing into big ones. We are happy to come to your fields during the most dangerous times for fungal growth, and give you a detailed analysis of your crops. You will be able to access the data we create within a day, and further inspections can be carried out at any time.

Because the rates we charge are much lower than any other form of competing inspection technology, there is no reason to put up with sub-standard growing conditions any longer. Drones can perform detailed inspections as much as is needed, and the increased production rates will more than makeup for the small investment in our services.

Martin Falker Farm in Washington Mi
Hay Farm in Michgan Thumb

Inspections On Your Your Terms

One of the most important things to remember about drones is how flexible they are. We can create inspection programs on just about a time frame you can imagine, so that there is never any chance of a problem getting out of hand.

In addition to making incredible overall images of your fields, drones are also perfect for taking a look at out of the way areas that would be a nightmare to inspect normally. If you are farming 2,000 acres, and there is a potential problem smack dab in the center of a field, how are you going to get a close up look at it?

If you have a drone on-site, what would have taken hours will only be a minute, as our drones can fly just about anywhere for a close-up view of anything you want.

MetroUAV Works In Michigan

We want to show you all of the things that drones can do for your farm, so please give us a call at (586) 232-5384 for more information about how we can make your life a lot easier. We are glad to talk to you about all of the services we offer, and how easy it is to review the images we create. There is also lots more information about who we are on our web site, so feel free to browse through all the things we can do for you.

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