Drones Create Value For Aggregates 


JUNE, 2017

Aggregate Drones

Aggregates provide one of the most important services in the construction industry, but the aggregating business has some areas that can be challenging. One of the most difficult parts of an aggregator’s business model is assessing stock levels, and planning future development. Using surveying and volumetric equations to estimate stock levels is perfectly functional, but the time and costs involved make it expensive to use on a regular basis.

Let’s discuss how aggregate drones create value. Today drones are changing the way that aggregators do business, and they can provide some amazing capabilities. When your company needs to check the stock levels of your site, next generation drone technology can give your company an incredible toolset to work with. Site analysis that would have taken days, if not weeks with surveying and aerial photography can be-be done in an hour or two with a drone.

If you are responsible for an aggregate business, have a look at all the advantages drone photography can offer your company, and think about the ROI they can create.

Aggregate Drones Create value for Mines

MetroUAV Volume and Distance Measurement from Drone Photography

Know Your Stock Levels

Aggregate drones (mine drone) create value for companies with some amazing abilities. Instead of paying for surveying to be done by humans, we can inspect your site with drones that will scan and model the mining operations and stockpiles. Drones fly quickly and with great precision, so having a look at what is going on has never been easier. Aerial photography prices aren’t as competitive anymore, and in some cases, drones outclass any other inspection system by a wide margin. 

 Aggregates can take advantage of advanced sensing equipment that will inspect your operations, and give you interactive 3D models as often as you like. This makes planning large jobs a lot easier, and also allows your company to monitor the entire mine site at any time.

 Hundreds of acres of land can be scanned in less than a few hours, so doing frequent inspections of your entire operation is entirely feasible. Drone stockpile management and surveying work will require experienced drone pilots to conduct, but in many cases, it offers the most economical option. 

MetroUAV Volume and Distance Measurement from Drone Photography 3D Mapping

Aggregate Drones Create value for Mines

MetroUAV Volume and Distance Measurement from Drone Photography 3D Mapping

Aggregate Drones Create value for Mines

Transparency For Your Partners 

Establishing trust and transparency is vital for any business, but for aggregators creating detailed operational information has always been difficult. The models that aggregate drones create can be accessed by anyone you want to share them with, so keeping partners or investors in the loop has never been easier.

In addition to showing interested parties the state of your operations, your drones will allow your company to deliver detailed studies as proof of ability to perform. There isn’t any downside to using drones in aggregation, and your company will be thankful for the skills they deliver. Another way drones create value for aggregators.

Planning and Safety 

Mine sites are dangerous places. This has always been the case, but today aggregate drones are derisking mining to the degree that was impossible just a few years ago. Because drones can perform inspections on almost any terrain, your team will be able to do safety analyses long in advance of putting heavy equipment on the job. Aggregate Drones also allow you to keep an eye on all of the hardware you have in your quarry, so you never have to worry about where work is happening. 

 We recommend DJI MATRICE 200 Series

Aggregate Drones Create value for Mines
Aggregate Drones Create value for Mines

Efficient To Use

Getting your system set up will take some know-how. Every mining operation will be different, and your drones will have to be configured to your business’s needs. Here at MertoUAV, we specialize in operating custom drone systems, and we can advise you on your the best options for UAV imagery for your business. Aerial photography prices are high, so looking into the cost advantages that aggregate drones create is a wise move. 

Most drones can operate at altitudes that allow for overall viewing of your mine site so that visual inspections can be performed during daylight hours. If there is anything that warrants a closer look, drones make it easy to inspect anything on the ground and can swoop down in a matter of seconds. This is how drones create value for aggregators.

MetroUAV Can Help

Aggregate Drones Creating Value for Mining Companies.

While drone technology is dropping in price, the systems involved will need to be designed and set up by professionals. Here at MetroUAV, we have been working with drones for many years, and we know how to get results. If you want to know more about how drones can be integrated into your workflow, please give us a call on (586) 232-5384 for more information. We can also be contacted online, and are happy to develop your drone program as a partner. If you like this article please read our 5 Benefits of Drones in Agriculture and Construction.

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