5 Benefits Of Drones In Agriculture and Construction


JUNE, 2017

5 Benefits Of Drones In Agriculture and Construction

Drones offer professionals in a variety of areas new capabilities that are changing the way people work. With drone photography prices in a steady decline, people are finding new uses for them all the time, and the benefits they offer are substantial. In many cases, drones in agriculture and construction can do things that would be impossible to accomplish without them, and they remove the risk to life in what were previously dangerous jobs. Let’s talk about five benefits of drones in agriculture and construction.

We are looking at the beginning of a new way of working, with the potential for drones to dramatically change the way we do many different things. Here at MetroUAV, we have our finger on the pulse of drone development, and we are amazed at the speed that the technology is progressing.

The vast majority of civilian drone development has taken place in the last decade, and even in such a short period, the capabilities that have emerged are striking. The use of drones in agriculture is expanding at a furious pace, and they show potential to revolutionize how we grow crops. They also have a range of applications in construction, with potential useful in many areas.

Drones in agriculture and construction

MetroUAV Drone Photography Inspections

ONE Inspections 

One of the roles that drones have the ability to excel in is inspecting areas that would be challenging to access otherwise. This can be a huge benefit to construction sites that need to have ease of access to hazardous locations. Drones are small and very maneuverable, so they can fit into spaces that would be difficult or dangerous for a human.

Buildings that are under construction are an inherently dangerous place, but there are many areas that must be monitored. Drones offer workers the ability to get into any areas that a human couldn’t access easily, and many that would simply be impossible otherwise. They can also be outfitted with sensors that will scan at frequencies that are outside of the visible spectrum, and this allows drones to detect problems far earlier than would be possible otherwise. 

The use of drones in agriculture for their inspection capabilities is a new way for farmers to get ahead of potential problems, and they create efficiencies that would be impossible without them. This is another area where multi-spectrum cameras offer outsized benefits, as they can provide farmers the kind of imaging technology that would have been prohibitively expensive only a decade ago. 

A range of problems can be spotted in a field of crops that would have required expensive aerial imaging only a few years ago. From diseases to problems with irrigation, drones can monitor crops on a daily basis if need be. This allows farmers to catch potential problems before they do any damage to the economics of their business, and easily justify the cost of the drone. 

“Drones are a great option for planning tree farms, and with drone photography prices falling they can quickly traverse areas that would be tough to evaluate by any other means.”

TWO Planning

Many drones have advanced GPS locating abilities, and this makes them perfect for construction site planning. While drones aren’t going to replace surveying anytime soon, they can be used to map out construction sites, and create 3D models of the terrain. They are also able to do this mapping work in a fraction of the time that surveying would take so that this capability can save your company a lot of money. 

The mapping ability that drones have also worked in many forms of agricultural planning. Drones are a great option for planning tree farms, and with drone photography prices falling they can quickly traverse areas that would be tough to evaluate by any other means. In some cases, they can even be used to seed the trees, and this will cut the amount of capital invested down by order of magnitude. 

Drones in agriculture and construction

THREE Safety and Security 

Number three in 5 Benefits of drones in agriculture and construction is there are a lot of dangerous jobs out there, and drones are starting to save lives. The advent of widespread power generation via windmills has created the need for time-consuming inspections, and doing this work isn’t the safest job out there. Drones can do thorough inspections using cameras and sensing equipment that is far better than the human eye, and they can do it without creating a risk to life. 

More than 90 workers died in the US between 2004 and 2012 while inspecting radio and telecommunications towers, and drones can do the vast majority of this dangerous work. They also offer companies an excellent way to keep an eye on their property and can be equipped with infrared cameras for excellent night time security. 

FOUR Precision Delivery  

With GPS control systems and advanced sensing equipment, drones can deliver many things with incredible precision. Using drones in agriculture makes planting and spraying much faster, and also cuts down on waste. In addition to reducing costs by using less fertilizer and pesticide, there will also be less pollution in the ground water.

Drones can also be used to move tools and parts around a construction site, especially to workers in an area that requires time and effort to access. This functionality would be useful in larger construction sites, or anywhere mobility isn’t easy.

Drones in agriculture and construction

FIVE Versatility 

In many ways, drones can be seen as a multi-faceted platform for a range of tools. The cost of developing drones is dropping all the time, and new technology is now being created to take advantage of the capabilities that drones offer. Some models offer users the ability to attach accessories, and others can be customized by professionals.  Regardless of your business, it is likely that drones will have something to offer you. Getting in touch with us is a good idea if you feel that drones could be of service to your business. MetroUAV provides experienced drone operators that can help you to evaluate what drones may be able to do for you, so you can start saving time and money. Drone technology is developing at a rapid pace, and MetroUAV can help you take advantage of what drones can do for your business. 

So there you have it, 5 Benefits of Drones in Agriculture and Construction. We hope you enjoyed this brief article and if you would like drone photography pricing please contact us today! Contact MetroUAV today to get started! If you like this article check out our article on drones in fruit farms and orchards!

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