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We are a Michigan Drone Service Photography company that specializes in agriculture, construction, mining, real estate and more. FAA Part 107 Certified to fly anywhere in the United States. We provide high-quality imagery for precision agriculture, inspection, and construction. Based in South Eastern Michigan we can travel to any part of the lower peninsula same day and upper peninsula in one day. Whatever your needs are for aerial photography we are sure we fit the bill.

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Agriculture Drone Service


Our goal is to bring more acres under management and service more acres at a higher quality for a lower cost.


  • Compile plant counts and analyze stand establishments.
  • Assess crop damage to negotiate fair loss percentages.
  • Crop scout to detect parasites and fungi.
  • Generate better variable rate prescriptions.
Real Estate Drone Service


It is the easiest way to set a listing apart from all other listings and usually captures the most attention by prospective buyers.  The drone image has become almost essential in today’s luxury Real Estate market, as it is again a very effective way to capture an overhead image of a large piece of property, showcasing the grounds, and giving a clear image of the roof, a part of the property which normally was ever clearly seen by inspectors.

  • High-Quality photographs from a higher perspective
  • Experience property in a realistic 3D view
  • A new way to plan for landscape and exterior design
  • 3D Maps that can be viewed at any height from any part of the parcel
Mining Drone Service


Drones and the powerful aerial data they provide are bringing cost and time-saving innovations to a variety of mining processes. Professional-quality maps and 3D models empower you to instantly calculate aggregate volumes, keep track of equipment locations and monitor safety environmental compliance.

  • High-Quality map generated from Drone Photography to view.
  • View and analyze 3D generated maps
  • Make real-time measurements including distance, area, and volume
  • Share maps with other users and tools to put insights into action
Construction Drone Service


Deploy drones to efficiently collect aerial data in order to improve site planning and quality control, manage assets, and reduce risk on the job site.

  • Generate accurate contour maps using ground control.
  • Repeat mapping flights weekly to monitor change over time.
  • Measure distance, area, and volumes instantly on any device.
  • Share maps to update stakeholders and align teams.


Simplified Process


Drone Aerial Photography




Collect Aerial Photographs



Analyze the images



Pass the data

We pride ourselves on being the best Michigan Drone Service provider. Our goal is to save you money. We have partnered up with the leading companies in drone technology. DJI is the world’s leading drone manufacturer. AG Vault is the industry leading software for agriculture imagery. Verifly is the best drone insurance company in the business. Hangar offers incredible 360 Degree images.

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